Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get tickets to Little Kingdom Petting Zoo?
You can purchase tickets to the zoo 2 ways from:
1. directly at the ticketing counter at the entrance of Adventure Park (same entrance for Petting Zoo); or
2. to get them online here.
Can I get combo tickets to Petting Zoo & Jerudong Park?
Yes, you can purchase them at our ticketing counters or by going online to get them here.
Can I purchase the ticket in advance and use it anytime?

Yes. You can purchase tickets in advance as all our tickets have 3 months validity from the date of purchased.

I purchased my Little Kingdom Petting Zoo ticket from / 3rd party vendor, can I still use it?

Petting Zoo does not bear any responsibility for tickets purchased through any unauthorized third-party. To avoid any disappointment, please purchase your tickets only through our website or ticket counter.

Do I need to purchase an advance date-specific ticket to visit?

No, visitors can simply purchase a ticket online or during the day of visit during operational hours.

How safe is Petting Zoo for my family and I?

Our animals are kept in an enclosed area for your protection and any animals that are roaming freely will be closely monitored by our Rangers. However, for your safety and protection, please act cautiously around our animals and to treat it with respect as animal behaviors can be unpredictable and they may have an aggressive reaction towards loud noises or quick sudden movements. Petting Zoo will not be held liable for provoked animal attacks.

Are visitors allowed to bring in outside food and drink?

No, however, visitors are able to purchase food and drinks available and sold within the zoo and park.

If I use the ticket and it rained while I've already activated my ticket, do I get a refund?

No. The weather is beyond our control and even under severe rainy conditions, Petting Zoo remains open.

Can I feed the animals?

Yes, there will be some animals that will allow feeding opportunities by purchasing a feeding coupon.

Can I take pictures of the animals with my own camera?

Yes you can, however the use of flash is not allowed.

Can I park at Adventure Park Parking lot where Little Kingdom Petting Zoo entrance is located?

Yes, however please be kindly informed that there will be a charge of $5.00 per parking spot and that it is first come first serve.

Will there be hand washing stations located inside Petting Zoo?

Yes, there will be various hand washing stations placed throughout the zoo for your convenience. It is highly recommended that you wash your hands frequently using soap and water during your visit and to avoid touching your face.

Can I bring my pet along?

No, pets or any animals are not permitted at the Zoo.

Is Little Kingdom Petting wheelchair/stroller friendly?

Yes, there are ramps installed within the zoo to allow better accessibility.

Does the zoo have wheelchairs/strollers available for rental?

No, currently the zoo does not offer such services.

Am I allowed to bring my drone for filming?

No, drones will not be allowed at Petting Zoo.