Rules & Regulations

1. Follow the rules and regulations

All visitors shall abide to the rules and regulations of Little Kingdom Petting Zoo.

2. Children must be supervised at all times

All children below the age of eleven (11) shall be accompanied by an adult during their visit to Little Kingdom Petting Zoo.

3. Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited

No outside food & drinks allowed into Little Kingdom Petting Zoo.

4. No pets are allowed in the premise

Visitors are not allowed to bring their own pet(s) or animal(s) into Little Kingdom Petting zoo.

5. Do not bring any sharp or dangerous objects

Any sharp or dangerous objects are prohibited from being brought into Little Kingdom Petting Zoo.

6. Be cautious with the animals

No acts of violence with the intention to cause any harm or injuries or even terrify the animals in Little Kingdom Petting Zoo will be allowed. Visitors who are caught in the act are liable to be fined.

7. Do not steal

Anyone caught stealing animals or any other items belonging to Little Kingdom Petting Zoo will be prosecuted.

8. Right to prohibit anyone

Little Kingdom Petting Zoo Management reserves the right to prohibit any visitors from entering the zoo.

9. In case of bad weather

Little Kingdom Petting Zoo management shall not be liable in the event of bad weather conditions.

10. No smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in Little Kingdom Petting Zoo.

11. Wash your hands

Frequently washing your hand is encouraged after visiting an exhibit.

12. No projectiles

No visitors shall throw or toss rocks, trash or other articles into exhibit areas.

13. No balloons

Balloons are not allowed on zoo grounds, as they present a potential choking hazard to the animals.

14. Do not go over barrier

No visitor shall go over, under, between or otherwise cross any guardrail, fence, wall or safety barrier. No visitor should sit on, stand on or hold children over such barriers.